Sterling Silver Ancient Coin Necklace

$ 240.00


This coin statement necklace is made of sterling silver. The antique coin necklace has an authentic ancient roman coin pendant of Constantine the great. The coin pendant necklace can be men's coin necklace or women's coin necklace. The silver coin pendant was handmade to the shape and size of the coin. The diameter of the pendant is 20 mm. Chain length is 18”.

The ancient roman coin is a unique and one of a kind bronze coin that was issued by emperor Constantine the great. This still has evidence of the silver layering on it. This coin were made of bronze and were plated with a silvering layer to make them appear as a silver coin, in a period when roman mints were not minting any silver denominations anymore. In Most of the coins that can be found today there is no silvering visible anymore. This coin is unique and beautiful and the silver layering is visible mainly on the reverse. The coin depicts a beautiful image of emperor Constantine the great with his name and inscription. The reverse of this coin depicts a military camp gate. 

This ancient coin necklace will be sent with certificate of authenticity.

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