Hi! I'm Bunny Touby Fayne and I am the Founder of Style Sonata. I've always had a strong desire to help other women, especially, after a career as an Art teacher. I then decided I could use my knowledge of aesthetics and media combined with my love of fashion and design and parlay them into a company that would empower women and liberate them from the tired old rules of dressing.

I understand the anxiety of selecting and accessorizing an outfit can be daunting and moreover, that there is a distinct difference between fashion and style.  So, what's the difference you ask? Fashion comes and goes but style lives on forever. It's what people see first and what they remember.

I adore everything about clothing and accessories and imbuing one's personality and mood into their style. Shape, proportion, texture, color and expression are all components that I consider when choosing my outfits and what I'm mindful about in guiding other women to look for with their own choices.

I especially love the great Japanese, Belgian, French, Italian and English Designers whose out-of-the-box thinking gives permission to experiment rather than rigid categorizing and adherence to rules. I started Style Sonata after deciding to close my store, Circle & Square in San Francisco and have been trying to change the landscape of online style shopping ever since.

I'll cut right to the chase. It's no fun being a soloist and after a crescendo of various movements, I felt the need to share the piano seat with another performer to strike the perfect chord. Mimi Bergman, my partner at Style Sonata, speaks a harmonic language that complements mine and makes for a pretty incredible duet that is nearly pitch perfect.

I love style and all of its artfulness. Mimi knows how to market and brand products and Artists/Designers  with the touch of a master conductor who has played in the best opera houses and symphonies. We are excited to make beautiful music together and hope to see you in the audience.

All our best,

Bunny and Mimi