Allow me to introduce myself, I am Bunny Touby Fayne. And I am the Founder of Style Sonata. Got a minute? I've always had a strong desire to help other women. I saw my particular mission as liberating them from those old tired rules of dressing!

What is it that gives an outfit personality? In a word, it is character. It is up to you, after buying the outfit, to know how to style it. The anxiety of selection is overwhelming.

Fashion comes, goes and recycles. Style stays with you forever. It is always what people see first, and it is the statement that defines whether you are playful, edgy, safe, conservative, risky or artful.

And the great thing, is that it can change from day to day. Style is a manifestation or extension of choices.

So why is Style essential? Simple: After a professional life of teaching Art and a smattering of Design..I looked upon the challenge of what I'd learned in Art School and the application of how wearing pieces would reflect those principles of shape, proportion, texture, color and one more, expression.

I don't pretend to be an expert.. nor do I think women/girls need an expert to accomplish a composed look suitable to where they are going. I wore a uniform for twelve years and it was my.. objective.... to spin it to not look like a uniform.. mission accomplished but, not without its punishments in detention hall!

My philosophy was/is to separate categories into day use and night use and disregard the season. My idols are the great Japanese, Belgium, French, Italian, English Designers.. thinking out of the box and giving permission to experiment is the concept.

I get inspired by people on the street or in the jungle. Paintings, Sculpture, Magazines, Movies, Books, Buildings, Travel, Food, Landscapes... everything stimulates me.

Don't get me wrong.. I worship the brands.. but by exposing the emerging Artists/Designers and mixing it up with those of fame.. it makes you unique and individual.

Carbon copies wearing mass produced uniforms sends the wrong message of who you are, at least in my humble opinion.

 Hence, Style Sonata is my vehicle for displaying all the great loves of my life.

Bunny Touby Fayne