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Our Story



A new name. A fresh Perspective

You may have remembered us as Circle and Square, the brick and mortar store in San Francisco. You may have journeyed with us to Circle and Square 2.0 -- a 100% online experience. In 2017, we decided to change our name to Style Sonata to reflect the amalgamation of all the growth experienced over these years. We hope our fashion lovers and fiercely creative spirits will continue to follow us on this thrilling journey.

Think of Style Sonata as your meeting place for wit, style and shared adventures that will adorn your life as well as your wardrobe. Adventuresome at heart, Style Sonata offers a fun, inspired perspective on fashion, and a window into aesthetic experiences. As a curator of fashion, our mission is to give you access to one-of-a-kind accessories from authentic artisans.

At Style Sonata, we believe in a new kind of luxury...the luxury of the rare and undiscovered, paired with extraordinary craftsmanship. We're taking off the uniforms and venturing outside of the proverbial "store" to bring you rising-star designers who are making deep waves among fashion lovers, from red-carpet a-listers, to the fashionista next door. Fiercely creative, independent style is our motto.


Simply -- Honor who you are.   
Enjoy. Adorn. Live well.  


From Geometry to Style

People ask me why I love accessories and jewelry and the truth is that I am fascinated by the process that artists go through to make art. There’s something magical that happens when you see someone’s ideas take shape and come to life. I created Circle and Square to share these moments. Here, you can travel, discover and fall in love with that soulmate accessory you feel but can’t describe until you see it. We bring you the extraordinary work of rising star jewelry and handbag artists from all over the world to provide those of you who are beauty seekers and fiercely creatives accessories that express your independent style and the beauty within you.  

The Circle and Square store began when I first moved to California and began a journey to redefine myself. I began to meet amazing artists and I felt a passion to showcase their work. In the process of looking for an art space, Circle and Square 1.0, the Brick-and-Mortar version was born and lasted for 6 years as a place for jewelry designers, artists and writers to meet, enjoy, and share ideas. A desire grew for a way for people all over the world to discover these talented people. Circle and Square 2.0, the eCommerce version was born. 

Over the years, I felt a strong desire to do something much more fanciful and fun with this space, beyond the boundaries of Math. By definition, the outward appearance of something as distinguished from its substance was begging to be released. Enter Style Sonata

Here I am, ready to dazzle you with some incredible insights and a Quantum Leap into Fiercely Creative Independent Style. No formulas, no angles, no tutors, just Galactic Style mixed with some good old fashion fun!

You know I like having a two-way conversation, and so I am letting you in on my daily activities, adventures and the things that I am passionate about. I welcome any comments/stories you might have as well. 


Bunny Touby Fayne







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