You'll want to fight for these beauties!

With a twist. This is how we like things … with a twist. Never ordinary. Catherine Angiel is a designer we are so proud to collaborate with because she gets it. She simply dazzles and shines with her collection of fine jewelry … with a twist. Luxurious chic, with a whole lotta edge and a splash of BANG is how I would describe this bespoke collection. We aren’t the only ones who think so either. For this reason, her designs can be found around the necks…one the hands of fierce fashionistas from Madonna to Pink. We rest our case!


diamond necklace, cross necklace, personalized necklace

PICTURED ABOVE: Catherine Angiel's Designer Collection. Shop here.


In Catherine Angiel's own words:

 “My vibe is all about breaking the rules; whether it’s in my music, my jewelry or my life, I've always been a renegade and that translates in my work.”


Armor rings

 PICTURED ABOVE: Catherine Angiel's Designer Collection. Shop here.

xoxo Micha Ciselle




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