Saluting the Fearless on the Met Gala Red Carpet

"Many designers work with the goal of making women look good. Ms. Kawakubo seems to work with the goal of making women look again." New York Times

The Met Gala opened with its Commes des Garcons exhibit Monday and already the votes are rolling in for best and worst dressed. Some stars used the occasion to get as naked as possible (isn’t there always one?) In this case, Kendall Jenner stepped up. Thank you Kendall but hasn’t this kind of been done to death? Props to anyone who has the guts and the body to pull off a nearly total reveal, but the shock value has worn off. It’s time to get dressed ladies and what more perfect time than with a designer like Rei Kawabuko?


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There is an art to dressing appropriately for red carpet events, namely, dress in a way that fits the occasion. When an iconic designer who is known for creating clothes that defy the understanding of wearable for most people, it’s time to bring  your “A” game and take some risks on the red carpet. Alas, a high percentage of celebrities possibly afraid of ending up on a fashion "don't" list, chose to play it safe with classic ball gowns. Thankfully a few celebrities fully embraced the avant-garde, innovative nature of Rei Kawabuko like Caroline Kennedy who is a close friend of Rei's, Katy Perry (see her Commes des Garcons spread in Vogue) Stella Tennant and Rihanna. Our hats are off to you. You truly get what this amazing designer is about. Doubt us? Rei Kawabuko is the first designer to get a solo show at the Met since Yves Saint Laurent in 1983. Her work is not easy to understand which is why you'll see a lot people voting things worst dressed that are actually revolutionary. To critique fashion, you have to understand that it is more than something to spend money on and make you look good; at it's core, it's art. 

Which is why, we couldn’t stay silent and created this collection of our most daring and one of a kind jewelry in honor of Rei Kawabuko and her 35 years of incredible influence on the world of fashion. (Article continues below).

THE AVANT-GARDE COLLECTION of our most unique jewelry pieces from rising star artisanal designers. Take a sneak peek.

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The Rei Kawabuko: The Art of the In Between exhibit is a a gutsy move on the part of Anna Wintour and the Met. Not many people get the genius of Rei Kawabuko when they see it on the runway, though her clothes have cult status amongst her followers. While several of her lines are very wearable, the clothes in this exhibit come from the runway and they, well, they don’t resemble, clothes which is what most people expect. Some are delicate, others rebellious and are simply works of art. All require you to look and to think.  So why is the museum taking a “chance” with such an forward designer?

The answer is that fashion is at a standstill and in chaos. This exhibit comes at a time when fashion is very much in need of returning to its roots, which lie in art.  In the 1990s there were nearly 100 couture houses. Fast fashion didn’t exist and couture was something only a few hundred women in the world could afford. The rest of us got trickle down. Remember the famous scene in Devil Wears Prada where Anna Wintour tells Anne Hathaway about the blue sweater? That used to be fashion. But things have changed. Fast fashion came along and suddenly, everyone could be fashionable, everyone could have style and this ignited a voracious demand for design. Fashion cycles sped up and a new freedom to wear what you want rather than being a slave to trend emerged. To keep up, fashion houses started demanding their designers create 10 collections a year, a strain that took its toll on some of the most creative designers, like Alexander McQueen and John Galliano who crumbled under the inhumane pressure. The speeding up of fashion meant that buying luxury was no longer the investment it used to be and people began buying a mix of high-low, investing in quality but supplementing with fast fashion to keep their looks up to date.

At some point, fashion took another swing downwards and streetwear, long the safe haven for rebellion and counter-cultural groups started going down the runway with brands like Vetements being embraced by the fashion industry. 3 years ago we had Normcore, a fashion trend that raises jeans and tee shirts to the level of fashion. As long as I’ve been in fashion, jeans and tee shirts were anything but, which raises the question, “where can fashion go from here? Is the next step to walk around in our pajamas? Sorry, teens have already done that trend. Go out in body paint alone? Fig leaf anyone?

The Commes des Garcon exhibit affirms that fashion is unconsciously crying out for more creative designers to fill the void. Thank you Rei Kawabuko for your unwavering commitment to art. Your exhibit will undoubtedly impact fashion for many years to come. 

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Cara Delevigne wows with this silver haired look. Photo courtesy of David Fischer









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