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Unleash the Dragon

by Style Sonata |

Dragon Ring

Unleashing the dragon...conquering fears. Which fear will you conquer this week? Ours is the fear of hearing "no." You'd be surprised how many treasures remain buried because of this.

This fiery collection we curated this week is possibly our grittiest ever. Our Dragon Ring is straight flaming. Our Gunmetal Clutch is dangerous. And our Raven Claw Ring is treacherous. We love everything about these luxe, statement-piece bad boys. Our advice for wearing these pieces? Don't go straight for the black leather and silver hardware, motorbike-chic vibe. Try pairing these fiery treasures with a more delicate look to really mix things up...Or don't. We don't really want to tell you how to do your thing. We just want to inspire you and show you some possibilities. *wink*

Hope you enjoy our little curation. Proceed with caution!

xoxo, SS



Dragon Ring  |  Raven Claw Ring  |  Gunmetal Clutch

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