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Tom Squitieri, Award Winning Journalist and Communications Architect, on Betrayal

by Micha Ciselle |  | 3 comments

Tom Squitieri



On "Betrayal and Resurrection"


You look in the mirror and you can almost see the spot. Somewhere floating between your heart and your gut. That is where betrayal lodges once you realize the rug had been pulled out from under you, the wool was pulled over your eyes, the sap was you.

Gaslighted, garroted, gashed, guillotined. They did that to you. In big public ways served hot, in small secret ways served cold. You gave trust, you shared your heart, brainstormed your ideas, outlined your dreams. Then their boot came smashing down on your neck and cut off your air.

Betrayal. It may be the worst thing done to us, since we are almost always partners in it. Especially when we betray ourselves.

I’m not going to do that again, Lord. I promise. Fool me once, shame on you etc. So, we pick up the crumbs, since there really are no pieces to put back together. We look for a balm not yet invented and have only the blame. We realize it’s not us at the same time it is us.

Betrayal. Every hurt has its own story, and so does each resurrection. That is what it takes. Resurrection. The trust has been trampled, the love let go, the believe-in-me battered, the sharing shattered, the kisses cold. This all hurts because almost always it is deliberate; a harsh reality that scorns what we believed was real, what we hoped was true.

Yes, the resurrection. Soon the scab hardens, the wound acquires a badge of honor. Like dealing with death, you will go through stages of recovery. Your smile returns but your tongue is a little tougher. You learn to compute trust more accurately, not as a romantic, poetic bond but a more clinical, realistic joining -- much like an evaluation of glues in a hardware store. You become more careful and thus more liberated. Just like a good war correspondent.

Betrayal. It hurts the most. It’s going to happen, most likely many times more than once. You can forgive them and yourself, you cannot forget. One day you will get your walk back. Trust me.


Tom Squitieri

Tom Squitieri



Tom Squitieri’s passion to use communication, writing and training to give structure and voice to the important work and thoughts of others comes from being a superb policy writer with an uncanny knack for rendering complex ideas into simple compelling text. These skills have resulted in three Overseas Press Club Awards and three White House Correspondents’ Association awards as a journalist, and in the public relations arena, a winner of a 2007 Communicator Award of Distinction and finalist for a 2015 Gold SABRE North America reward. A proud parent, cheerful stargazer, and creative cook and gardener, Tom is also a poet, freelance writer and adjunct professor at American University. He has been to all seven continents, carried a man through gunfire to safety and dated a Klingon. His work can be found at


Tom Squitieri


Comments (3)

  • Cassandra Bruton on November 08, 2017

    This is one of the most enlightening essays I’ve read for some time. I’m always interested in Tom’s work, and delighted to see anything new of his. Fabulous writer, he is. As for this piece: Few people ever write with deep feeling on the topic of betrayal, and yet being betrayed now and then is one of the most ubiquitous experiences in human life, it seems to me. Wonderful to see this today. Thank you!

  • David Magill on November 06, 2017

    Tom is and always was a very passionate writer who’s heart is guided by his mind and intellect. Well worth the read.

  • A. Ackell on November 06, 2017

    Excellent and well written piece on “Betrayal.” I️ believe this article hits home with the reader and is very poignant when describing it. It made me stop and think of my own personal life. The end result was an imprint left in my mind…

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