Times they are a Changin'

After NYFW all the fun and craziness starts up again in London. So far what I have noticed in both are the resurgences’ of new designers. London is known for its eclectic and eccentric fashion and design... oh the castles and gardens.

Once again bold neon colors and gender free looks where everywhere… Let acceptance and love rule!. With the twist of modern punk always at the fore front London takes fashion to its wilder side. While New York fashion is like taking a walk through Saks or Bergdorf's where you are guaranteed to versatile and reliable high end fashion.

London is the artistic pop-up shops that you find yourself wandering into because you can’t take your eye off the bold candy striped outfit that you wish you had the balls to wear. While New York fashion has a timeless elegance London fashion is all about having fun.

So go get those crazy designed sunglasses in a bold color and have some well-deserved fun!






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