This Week's Obsession - Hair on Hide

Shana LutherShana Luther backpack


We saw Shana Luther's new Hill Backpack featuring a limited edition hair-on-hide detail and did summersaults. We are obsessed. We love that this staple piece was updated with this luxe addition, and to us, it just stands out even more.

Quite randomly, we got to thinking about how hair itself in our every day lives can be so transformative. A good hair day can be your best accessory. Can you remember an amazing hair day and how you just felt like a million bucks? I can. It was last week. Shout out to Farrah at Bookaos who totally killed it with the most voluminous beachy, wavy, blow out I've had all year. Most importantly - there was zero frizz!! I'll admit, I was skeptical going in at first, since she was a new stylist to me (my stylist wasn't there). But if there were any examples of the virtue of stepping outside your comfort zone and trying new things...this would be a prime one!

We're wishing you nothing but great hair days this weekend. As they say...good hair does not stay home on a Friday!


xoxo, SS



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