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Coachella Wrap Up: Top 5 Looks

by Western Bonime |

Everyone knows Coachella is one of the best music festivals in America. It has the coolest stage designs, awesome bands and enough style to soothe the heart of even the most devout fashion blogger. What you may not know is that those signature crochet dresses you wore and the daisies in your hair? Those are out. This year's attendees are opting for clean sophisticated looks. Can we say "thank goodness!?" We loved the crochet dresses and daisies as much as the next person but admit it, wasn't it starting to get a little "yawn" predictable? C'mon you can admit it. We said it first. Here are our top 5 looks from Coachella this year.



Choker necklaces are a MUST and today's styles are nothing like the 90's. This time around chokers are taking their cue from artisanal jewelry artists and coming in a large array of materials and styles.  We are mad for leather wraps chokers, modern metal chokers and even better, the choker/pendant necklace combo. After all, if you are baring skin this Summer, more is more when it comes to adorning yourself.   


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Create your own look: Point Leather Choker / Point Two-Finger Ring / Points Stacking Bracelets

sterling silver jewelry, leather wrap chokers, two finger ring, sterling silver ring, point ring,



We loved this look of stacked rings. These rings can be worn alone or with multiple styles as shown below. They also make for great engagement rings for those shopping for something a little different. The mix of different stones and materials creates a rich and interesting look. When it comes to our hands we say "bring it on." After all, not only are hands beautiful, but they are one of the places we can express ourselves the most. 


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Create your own look: Stacking Rings


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 We were blown away by the beauty and simplicity of handbags at Coachella this year.  Take the worry out of finding a bag to match your outfit with these clean, minimal leather backpacks that look great with everything. Best of all? They leave your hands free to dance!

Coachella, coachella accessories, black leather back packs, leather back packs

We adore this look of Afro Punk. The two color gray dread locks, the Lady Gaga worthy top and platform sandals all tied together with an enormous black leather bucket bag. Fabulous! This is the kind of independent style we love. Talk about confidence.  


leather handbag, black leather tote, black leather bucket bag, black leather hobo bag, Coachella fashion

Create your own look: Stylish Leather Bucket Bags
LEATHER bucket bags, leather handbags, brown leather handbag, black leather handbag, womens purses
For those of you who love the Boho look you're in luck. Fringe has become a classic handbag staple and despite the new cleaner looks at Coachella, we still saw a few like this fabulous number.
Create your own look: Cool Fringe Shoulder Bags

fringe shoulder bags, leather Boho bags, suede fringe handbags, fringe purse


Shop our curated Coachella Collection for your own one of a kind pieces. 


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