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The Skin You’re In

by Bunny Fayne |

 We’ve all heard tales, from back in the days when tan was good, tanner was better, and tannest took the top prize. There were no rules, no warnings, no talk of UV rays or SPFs or skin cancer. We had sun tan lotion as opposed to sun block.

 Tanning pros would oil themselves up with homemade concoctions of baby oil mixed with iodine. They would wrap aluminum foil around double album covers (can anyone say way back machine?), lay back in their loungers and literally roast themselves for hours on end. Thank goodness we know so much more now about the dangers of tanning and the damage it can do to our skin and our health. Armed with this information, there is no excuse to be anything other than sun smart.

Taking the top to bottom approach, the first thing that you need is a really good sun hat and it’s important to know that not all sun hats are created equal. The very best ones have wide brims, are closely woven if they are made of straw, and lastly, are packable. Some sun hats even come with SPF protection built right into them. Serious eye protection requires a good pair of sunglasses.

Depending on your face shape, you can go with aviators, cat’s eye, giant Jackie O’s, hipster round, wraparounds, wire frames, plastic frames and more. Of course loving the way your sunglasses look is important, but making sure that they offer 100% UV protection is equally as important.

Before we make our way down, let us not forget that protecting your face from the sun’s damaging rays will help you to avoid skin cancer, wrinkles and pigmentation. Use a sun block that is made specifically for your face with as high an SPF as you can find. Your oh so delicate eye area also needs its own separate sun block. Regardless of your size, everyone’s body equals more skin real estate to cover than they may realize. As always, go with as high an SPF as you can, using an amount equal to a shot glass, remembering to reapply, reapply, and reapply some more, especially if you’re spending time in the water. 
Prepping your skin before you go out is the key to looking sleek and smooth. Exfoliators will slough off all the dead skin cells you have accumulated during the winter months. If you want to look tan and still stay safe, self-tanners and bronzers are the only way to go. Finally, we can’t say enough about how important it is to moisturize. Like with sunblock, you should be using separate moisturizers that are created specifically for your face, your eyes and your body.


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