The Power of Red Shoes

The color red has fascinated many different cultures in many diverse ways.. Red shoes have had specific connotations for century’s.
Traditionally Asians and some Europeans cultures have associated red with life and fertility, but red can also mean danger, caution, war and death. All very extremely strong emotions, there’s religions experiences and magic.
In the Catholic church only the highest ranking wear red vestments. On the other side of town you have the red light district.
Historically, if you wore red shoes it meant you had power, authority and where a person of status and means. All because it was expensive cost of the obtaining the dyes, such as cochineal madder, kermes and lac.
Well dyes may be cheaper now but the status reminds, think of Cardi B rapping “These expensive, these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes,“ in her song Bodak Yellow. I too have had, dare I say religious experience shopping at Christian Louboutin. Let not forget Dorothy’s and there’s no place like home ruby red shoes, or Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale, The Red Shoes.

As a stylist I always tell my clients that they should always have a pair of red shoes, in their walk in closets. It just so happens that Fall/winter 2018/2019 will feature a lot of red. And so ladies... let's get our Power On!




Kate Middleton pic: ELLE Magazine
Ballet picture by Irwin Fayne 



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