The Art of Personal Style (Part 1)

The answer to what am i going to wear

Every day I wake up and through my not morning person daze, I face that inescapable feeling of dread........... What am I going to wear? 

I think many women experience that same feeling, looking over our wardrobes, knowing that we have deliberately bought these clothes so we must have liked them, had a reason to buy them, and yet there they hang, mocking us. 
The answer to what am i going to wear
All of us want to feel good about ourselves, confident, strong and happy, and yet we remain unsure, unhappy and undressed. New styles, new trends, new decrees from the fashion industry can so easily confuse what should be a simple process  - getting dressed.
The answer to what am i going to wear
Tired of either feeling fashion deprived or fashion done wrong, I decided that the only way to make sense of it all was to do something radical - make friends with my body. But really make friends with my body. Seeing what it actually looked like, not what I wished it looked like, if I just lost those last ten pounds, exercised more rigorously, went on the diet du hour or simply changed my entire world. While some of these things are advisable we still have to deal with Today. And understanding that my Today body might not be happy wearing all the different clothes I think I want to wear. And that’s okay.
From the revered simple white buttoned down shirt, that does nothing for me, the worshipped a-line skirt that makes me look hippy, the trendy high waisted pants that make me look like a Pez dispenser, the full skirt that just makes my body sad, not all fashion is going to look good on me no matter how hard I try. It’s time to look at things differently..... To Be Continued
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