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Posts tagged: Travel

Resort Ready

by Micha Ciselle |

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By the Water...Where I Belong

by Micha Ciselle |

  Los Angeles has traffic that will drive anyone insane. Not to mention the cost of living. Restaurants, rent, going out ... super expensive. However, I honestly believe that this is the Universe's way of balancing out the order of things. How? Well, if ever there were a thing such as...

YOLO -- Lessons Learnt on the Trail

by Micha Ciselle |

I don't know what is in the water ... or the air, but I have been craving the outdoors like an addictive, lurring drug. Someone whispered in my ear about hiking a few weeks ago, and it has been top of mind ever since. I happen to live in close proximity to some of the best trails...

72 Hours in Sydney

by Micha Ciselle |

ABOVE: Darling Harbor   In a perfect world, we would have lavish 2-week vacations all the time. However, sometimes the stars simply don't align. It may be that you're going on a business trip, have limited vacation, or only have a long layover worth of time to milk the best of your mini escape. This recently happened to me in...

Sunday Market in Downtown LA

by Micha Ciselle |

  We often have this notion that sightseeing or vacation-like gallivanting involves planes, suitcases and traveling across oceans. It's so easy to take your own neck of the woods for granted. I know I have. I've now realized that there are so many vacation-worth escapes right in my backyard ... a car ride away. So this year,...

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