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Posts tagged: Lifestyle and Food

A little Cha Cha Cha and some Zuha

by Style Sonata |

On a recent trip to Norcal, a friend took us on what was nothing short of a culinary extravaganza. The best part of the trip was the mix of places we passed through. We went to the ritzy and glamorous...but we also went...

Breakfast of Champions

by Bunny Touby Fayne |

  Book: Kitchen Matters By Pamela Salzman


by Bunny Fayne |

One of the most inspiring things about Chilean food are their avocados. No seriously, the avocados are the most creamy delicious avocado you've ever tasted, everywhere, everyday. I ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of their specialties is a reconstituted and fried version where they somehow scoop...


by Bunny Fayne |

There's no doubt about it, Chilean's have a sweet tooth:-) It is common to have platters like this beautiful one here brought out to you before you even have your meal. They like to serve dessert the way the French like to serve "Amuse Bouche" (tiny bites to cleanse the...

Sweet Treats for the Holiday Season

by Micha Ciselle |

There's nothing we love more than discovering sweet little hidden gems that are as quaint as they are extraordinarily concepted. This week, we discovered the cutest stand-alone ice cream shop -- AFTERS -- that had a tripple scoop of charm and extra sprinkles of style....

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