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Posts tagged: FreeStyle

Scarves are here to stay

by Banu Reynolds |

You can change and update your look with a single accessory, a scarf. Scarves have always played an important role in fashion throughout history. A scarf is said to be worn by Queen Nefertiti and she is said to have fashioned her scarf tightly around her head with a conical headdress....


by Banu Reynolds |

The fastest way to update your look, many a time the cheapest way, is to add new trends to your basics pieces. The way to do this is by selecting key accessories. Accessories can complete your look add personality by manipulate your looks silhouette changing your looks sense of...

The Joy of Shopping?

by Elle Harriman |

The e-commerce behemoth Amazon has opened a store in New York City. The Amazon 4-Star Store only carries items that have garnered at least 4 stars from customer reviews on Amazon’s website. This is to ensure every item has been thoroughly vetted and approved. While this sounds like the ultimate one-stop shop, there is...


by Elle Harriman |

There is something in the air, a crisp snap, an intensity of a salty breeze, a feeling of expectation,...........Fall.  While some are bemoaning the loss of Summer, others are facing the bracing air of Autumn and appreciating the cornucopia of Golden sky, Golden earth, Golden moon and the sense...

A Quiet Moment of Reflection on Fur

by Elle Harriman |

There are those who love it, those who loathe it, those who simply don’t care, and those who own it by happenstance. These people, who were recipients of fur as gifts, handed down from Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers, and Aunts, are accidental owners. There are few more contentious issues than fur. Feelings run strong...

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