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Posts tagged: FreeStyle

Zoey Goes Shopping—Take 3

by Style Sonata |

Zoey’s ankle boots punched the concrete like angry knocking on a door, causing Abigail to wince at every step. “I said I’m sorry.” Abigail’s words were drowned out by passing cabs as they traversed the avenue. Zoey was livid and wielded the silent treatment almost as well as Abigail’s mother—not an easy feat. “You have to start...

Zoey Goes Shopping ~Take Two

by Style Sonata |

“The winged-eye symbol was initially inspired by the total solar eclipses.” Georgia spoke deliberately at Zoey’s back who stood before the mirror, examining the wing and eye charms hanging from the silver chain fastened at the nape of her neck. “I’ve never heard of that before,” Zoey said....

Zoey Goes Shopping ~ Take 1

by Style Sonata |

“Why are you making me do this?” Zoey’s hands were perched on either hip. Her eyes darted to and fro. It was her standard expression of resistance, one that Abigail knew only too well. “Because your wardrobe needs a facelift. You can’t go into your thirties wearing hoodies and flip flops.” She fervently wished to swipe the dubious look from...

The Unbidden Dinner Guest ~ Episode 3

by Suzanne Simonetti |  | 3 comments

“I don’t get it, man. What do you guys have against California?” Kristy threw her head back, drawing in another swallow from her Aperol Spritz. “Whoa….whoa….I’m not looking to put down the whole state. I just said I don’t dig pineapple on my pizza.” Their old friend and former co-worker, Eddie Gutierrez, raised his hands in surrender, pressing his broad...

The Unbidden Dinner Guest ~ Episode 2

by Suzanne Simonetti |  | 1 comment

Five years earlier, Abigail and Zoey had met at Fiskle & Hughes Advertising Agency. Abigail was assistant to the VP of Marketing, and Zoey wrote press releases and ad copy for the Art Director. Their cubicles were adjacent and situated just outside the offices of their respective bosses whose doors remained ajar when they were actually seated at their desks...

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