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Symmetry & Balance - 5 Bags that Will Balance Out Your Week

by Style Sonata |


Every now and then things get out whack. Personally, we actually think there can be beauty in that off beat...a rare clarity in that chaos. In reality, there is no calm without chaos and no balance without imbalance, and so the very concept of symmetry is rather dependent ... wouldn't you say? But my goodness -- when you ascend from that chaos and things align ... when the opposites balance and you achieve that perfect symmetry ... how majestic is that? The takeaway is: embrace it all. Balance is everything.

Wishing you balance and inner peace this weekend and hope you'll take a moment to browse through this collection of bags inspired by geometry and symmetry. Enjoy!


xoxo, SS




Ornella Clutch  |  Leather Nyx Clutch  |  Meso Clutch  |  Deco Blue Handbag  |  Blue Crocodile Skin Clutch


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