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Sunday Market in Downtown LA

by Micha Ciselle |

Grand Central Market


We often have this notion that sightseeing or vacation-like gallivanting involves planes, suitcases and traveling across oceans. It's so easy to take your own neck of the woods for granted. I know I have. I've now realized that there are so many vacation-worth escapes right in my backyard ... a car ride away. So this year, I made a vow to think like a tourist in my own city and make an effort to discover the treasures right at my finger tips. This shift in psyche is simply ground breaking! 

With this in mind, this weekend, instead of going to my usual brunch spots with fancy linens and silvery cutlery, I took a step inside Downtown LA's Grand Central Market. This lively, open-air market is approximately 10 minutes away from me. It is the most fascinating, exhilarating experience ever. And all I could think was ... why the heck am I just now seeing this!!


LA Sunday Market

LA Market

LA Market


The hustle, the bustle ... the fresh produce, the absolutely scrumptious foods of all types. And I'm not talking about the stuff you see at your favorite 5-star ... I'm talking about the real deal ... made by chefs who may not have gone to Le Cordon Bleu, but can throw down like no other.


G&B Coffee


It is also home to G&B Coffee -- arguably some of the best coffee in this part of town, with the most friendly, willing-to-please baristas. 

Word on the street is that this market will soon undergo a "facelift." I am hoping (and I'm sure many others are as well) that whatever they do, they maintain the rustic, untouched, unpretentious, honest vibe about this little gem. Some things are best left untouched. If you're ever in the area, definitely swing by Downtown LA's favorite open-air market. You won't regret it.






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