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Kindness is our Passion

by Banu Reynolds |

Getting back to kindness, empathy and diversity. Our planet has been inundated with mind boggling political scandals, man-made and natural disasters on the planet. Hate and twisted moral beliefs with some of our planets leaders, there is a new but old trend blossoming again. As humans we have an intrinsic need to survive and spread compassion to get back to what is good. Ignoring so called differences and borders to help not only the human race but the world heal.

We saw this ideology rise with the “flower power” movement in the 1960s’ rooted in opposing the hate and destruction with the Vietnam war. “flower children” popularized this movement by dressing in vibrant colors and branded their identity with embroidery flowers, and light hearted wear. There was only so much the public could do but starting this movement created huge waves that changed the face of the fashion and political world.

Since the 1960’s the world of fashion has had exponential growth brought by technology, with this has come fast fashion which has created nondurable goods--- which has to be replaced often. These nondurable products are made in crude conditions, in factories that use what we would consider slave labor, and by means that exploit our natural resources. And with the need to constantly replace these products there seems no end to this vicious and destructive cycle.

EXCEPT in the Fashion and Art worlds, as it has been in the past, is here to make movements to stand by our tribe and by our planet. We have already seen the rise of “consciousness” to the evils of fast fashion, and with that has come sustainable fashion.

Fair trade suppliers working alongside with sustainable factories and new technology have created cleaner material harvesting and manufacturing. But on a smaller scale we are seeing more hand-made textiles and jewelry, thrifting and the rise of attention to RECYCLED fashion. Conscious consumption is what you should look for as you go on your shopping sprees to stay on trend with fashion and on trend with the world.


Flower Power Photo Courtesy: A Psychedelic Mess




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