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Celebrating 5 Fiercely Creative Moms

by Western Bonime |

Hello? Yes, it's almost Mother's Day which means we get to celebrate the extraordinary style, wisdom and wit of women who inspire us. Each of these women has a quiet strength and beauty that remind us every day of what's possible. They are one of a kind. They are fierce. They add sparkle to life like a diamond. They shine like a polished pearl, but with an edge that says "I may be pretty on the outside but I'm not a pushover."  With so many great women out there, it was tough to choose but we did it. This year, we are celebrating Kate Middleton, Beyonce, Sophia Amorouso, Elizabeth Gilbert and Kate Winslet, with our one of a kind Fiercely Creative Collection. 

 Fiercely Creative Kate Middleton

We nominate Kate Middleton because we know being a Duchess and having the eyes of the world on you is not easy. Her incredible style inspires women around the world. As a Duchess, she keeps her jewelry classic but with a twist like this modern diamond cocktail ring, diamond cluster stud earrings, and unique quad quill bracelet
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Fiercely Creative Beyoncé

Her Album Lemonade blew us away last year with it's poetry and with the way it let us share her journey. She never did tell us if her husband cheated but if the baseball bat scene was any indication, then she's a saint. She serves as an example of beauty and strength to women of all races and colors. With her rock and roll lifestyle, we see her with bold edgy pieces like this black pavé ring, sapphire waterdrop earrings and diamond cross earrings
Beyonce, mothers day gifts, diamond rings, diamond earrings, cross earrings, large rings, black diamond jewelry


Fiercely Creative Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert's Middle name should be "fiercely creative." Not only was she brave enough after a bitter divorce to travel the world and sit for hours in some dark cave in India, but after her whirlwind success with Eat,  Pray, Love she has gone on to become an inspiring speaker on Ted Talks. She is at the forefront of encouraging women to take time for themselves and nurture their bodies. With her relaxed casual style and her time in Bali, we have to style her with this beautiful pearl pendant necklace, and of course, for India, this gorgeous midnight sky ring. 

Elizabeth gilbert, Mothers Day, Gifts for Mom, Pearl Jewelry, Diamond jewelry

Is your mom an Elizabeth? Explore the look

Fiercely Creative Kate Winslet

We don't even have to tell you about Kate Winslet, you know. She's a fiercely creative mom through and through. Whether she's taking on risky roles in independent films, baring her body with no make up, or flat our refusing to fit Hollywoods unhealthy skinny requirements, she's always being true to who she is. That's why we've selected this unique floating garnet ring (garnet is a stone of protection), indie diamond statement ring and one of a kind 18K gold citrine stacking ring for her look.

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Is your mom a Kate? Explore the Kate Winslet Look 

 Fiercely Creative Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is another fiercely creative. She showed us that it was okay not to be a "good girl" with Nasty Gal which of course inspired the Nasty Girl movement. Her book, Girl Boss has of course, become a must read for every girl and Amazon has just released a documentary called, you guessed it, Girl Boss! Just as she taught us to be fierce, we think she'd love this striking needle pearl pendant necklace, sterling silver diamond band, and unusual white gold and sapphire ball ring

Sophia Amoruso, Mothers day gifts, unusual diamond rings, needle pendant necklace, unique silver jewelry

Is your mom a Sophia? Explore the Sophia Amoruso Look


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