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Keeping It Simple

by Style Sonata |

Hill Backpack

Tre Clutch

Tre Clutch

Are we overthinking things? Some of the greatest minds will agree that a simple life is a happier life. But we love the nuance of simple vs simpler. In the sense that, certainly, we can have depth and texture within that simplicity. Simple doesn't have to mean boring or lacking dimension. Simplicity can also be a frame of mind or perspective. They say sometimes the exact thing you're looking for is right under your nose. We can definitely complicate matters when we think in unnecessarily complex terms. True problem solvers have mastered the art of finding simplicity in the midst of confusion.

Breathe. Relax. Live. Repeat.

These were our thoughts when we put together this little storyboard for you this week. We featured our Hill Backpack and Tre Clutch, which we adore for it's clean design and supreme functionality.

Hoping that you will find simplicity around you this week!

xoxo, SS


Images courtesy of Shana Luther






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