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Fluorescents for Fall

by Banu Reynolds |

As summer comes to an end on the calendar celebrity Influencers are showing us otherwise. No to pumpkin spice instead, yes to neon. Some of you may remember the neon’s of the 80’s well... it's baack… As you bust out your fall plaids, leathers and sweaters embrace this fun look with accessories and shoes.

Here's some choices on how to embrace this trend fully. You can wear a full on neon dress that can be spotted from miles away (checkout Blake Lively’s look) or you can embrace this fun trend in Athleisure as it is also a good way to add a shock of color, without looking like your trying too hard.

For most of us, add if you can or add it in bits and pieces with your shoes or accessories.

Whether this trend is here to stay we will wait to see, but, now have some fun, make others smile and brighten up your closets, as we prepare for the switch out of our fun summer closets in exchange for layers with warm colors and fall looks.

Images: Fashion Lollipop-Natalia Kaut / Style Nightcap






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