Floating into Summer with Satin and Pearls

Floating Gem Pearl Ring


We wanted to revisit our soft-and-(not-so)-sweet theme and continue to showcase some of our most delicate looks that still pack a punch. If you search for delicate in the dictionary, we do believe you'll find baby pink. Baby pink is a color that just seems to improve moods and calm spirits. Whenever we get stressed, we literally close our eyes and think of ourselves floating on pink clouds. And believe it or not, it helps. The baby pink satin skirt featured in our little fashionscape is by an emerging designer we discovered this week -- Rejina Pyo -- who has a way with draped and ruffled stylings. This outfit screamed for a pairing with one of our floating pearl accessories, and we chose the white cultured pearl to complete the look. Let us know if you dig this satin-pearl combo, or if you would've paired it with one of our other pieces. Enjoy :-)


xoxo, Micha Ciselle



Ellis Belted Satin Wrap Skirt  |  Floating Gems Pearl Ring  


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