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Wish Upon A Star -- 4 Celestial Accessories We Want Right Now

by Micha Ciselle |

This week’s eclipse was nothing short of extraordinary. Those within the path of totality got a real treat. Unfortunately, I decided to take a trip to the Caribbean this week, so we only got a partial eclipse. Go figure. Not even an eclipse could fully cover the sun in paradise!

But, to think that the last full eclipse in America happened decades ago (38 years to be exact) is just awe inspiring. Then, to consider the alignment and extraordinary timing that needs to occur for this astrologic rarity to take place, is simply magical. We live in a magical world.

In honor of this cosmic event, we’ve rounded up a few celestial rarities of our own, featuring suns, moons, stars and full circles. Our top pick? We are over the moon (cheesy I know ... but could not resist!) about Stacie Midair's Moonlight ring. This rare piece is made of a luminous slice of labradorite, diamonds and 18k gold. It is priced perfectly, and is perfect for stacking. Our entire collection of celestial accessories are hand crafted jewelry pieces and truly one of a kind. We hope you’ll enjoy. Love and light!


Celestial AccessoriesPICTURED ABOVE1. Stacie Midori Full Circle Ring / 2. Stacie Midori Flower Star Ring / 3. Stacie Midori Moonlight Ring / 4. Stacie Midori Sun Ring




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