The fastest way to update your look, many a time the cheapest way, is to add new trends to your basics pieces. The way to do this is by selecting key accessories.
Accessories can complete your look add personality by manipulate your looks silhouette changing your looks sense of scale and connect to a trend.
There are many ways to spiff up your outfits. Let’s start on the top with hats, hats can create a strong line if your look is lacking oomph.


Scale and size of new jewelry can change the look of your outfit. As styles of jewelry differ so can you manipulate style.


Scarves can present an opportunity for creativity with size and volume just by the way you tie them. 


You can have a lot of fun with your look just by adding a awesome clutch, handbag, backpack or the very on trend fanny.
You can tie your bag into your color scheme, play with proportions which will give your look some personality.



Belts will define that waistline and mix up your outfit in a trendy way. In comes the scarves and that fanny pack.


My personal addiction, shoes care a special accessory! You can push you look in one direction or another. A new pointed stiletto will elongate your body, a chunky platform with add you lines and play with your proportions. A sneaker will give you more of a urban feel and keep you on your feet shopping longer where as a heels will give you more of a formal twist.
Having a stellar outfit is important but knowing how to accessories what can take your look from nice to FABULOUS. You can wear the same outfit over and over again customizing the accessories to cater to your wants and needs for each time. It is important to know that style is not only clothing but how you put everything together. Now go find yourself some marvelous accessories and let your inner fashionista glow.




Images Iris Apfel courtesy: Paradijsvogels Magazine

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