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A Quiet Moment of Reflection on Fur

by Elle Harriman |

There are those who love it, those who loathe it, those who simply don’t care, and those who own it by happenstance. These people, who were recipients of fur as gifts, handed down from Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers, and Aunts, are accidental owners.

There are few more contentious issues than fur. Feelings run strong on all sides of this issue. But the matter-of-factness of owning fur by default puts people in a quandary. What do I do with it? Can I wear it or should I not?

People argue about old fur vs new. Those garments made before a certain time or year. Vintage vs new, before the industrialization of the fur industry. For the fur owners who are troubled by this it is no longer a matter of wearing a fur coat just because your grandmother loved it and gave it to you so you could love it too.

These garments came from a different era, sometimes a different Century. Is it appropriate to judge with a 21st Century worldview?

There is no simple answer of course. It is hard to have an honest preference when just wearing your Aunt’s coat that she gave you out of love becomes a major statement. Maybe giving time and space to those who are figuring this out is the best way to be.



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