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There was a time, not very long ago in fact, that if you attempted to wear your swimsuit as part of an evening or even a daytime ensemble, you would undoubtedly be asked two questions. The first question would be, “Are you wearing your BATHING SUIT?” The follow up question would be, “WHY?!!!”

Cut-out swimsuit

Thank goodness that those oppressive, fashion dictates have become a thing of the past. The lines have become so completely blurred as to what is considered appropriate attire versus what isn’t, we’re experiencing a veritable fashion free for all. 

Now you can darn well dress however you please, within limits of course. If you need a bit of guidance in the “don’t even think about it,” dressing department just Google the name, Bai Ling. Wearing swimsuits as street-wear not only provides you with fabulous looks, it increases your potential wardrobe combinations exponentially. Beaded Bracelets

A plunging one piece suit, worn with either a pair of cigarette pants or a pencil skirt and stilettos is about as sultry as you can get. If you need to tone things down a bit, a one piece suit, worn with a sarong, a light blazer and heels is a wonderful way to look exotic without baring more skin than the occasion might call for.Cutout Pump

Classic tank suits with cut-off, denim shorts and espadrilles always looks fresh. Thanks to the body-suit type fit of your top, you won’t have to spend the day tucking it back in either. A ruffled bandeau with a maxi skirt, topped off with a denim or even a light leather jacket, is unexpected, yet perfect! 

Cropped Beatle Pants

High-waisted bikinis worn under sheer dresses give you some exposure without the “I see London, I see France,” reaction that lingerie inspires. For casual looks, the combination of tan or white board shorts with a chambray shirt and a pair of white Via Spigas or Jack Purcells is as chic as it is comfortable.

“The sun shines everywhere, not just at the beach.” ~ Brande Roderick

Photography: Grace Elaine/ MakeUp: Karl Sanchez


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