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Taylor Swift

by Bunny Fayne |  | 3 comments

Despite conventional wisdom on such matters, referring to Taylor Swift as an It Girl would be doing her a great disservice. By design, It Girls come, and It Girls must go, in order to make room for the next celebrity du jour. The fact that 26-year-old Swift is currently on the cover of Vogue, the dream of every It Girl wannabe, doesn’t matter. Unlike those poor It Girls, Swift is going places, but away is definitely not one of them. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a decade since Swift burst on to the scene as a teen country singing sensation. In those days her hair was a mass of cascading ringlets and her style consisted of sundresses with cowboy boots by day and princess gowns by night. Over the years, Swift’s sense of style has matured, and the thing that we find so admirable is that unlike many of her celebrity peers, she has never strayed too far from her essential identity. As Swift made the transition from country cutie to pop superstar, her style transitioned away from twangy teen ensembles to 1950’s retro chic. She started wearing her signature, red lipstick along with ultra-feminine, vintage dresses. Swift soon set her style sights on the 1960s, complete with Swinging London style mini-dresses, tights and heels. Since Swift is known for her sun shining sweetness, her next shift, colorful crop tops paired with circle skirts, made perfect style sense and suited her to a tee. After Swift moved to Manhattan in 2014, she eventually embraced every aspect of the city that never sleeps including its unofficial uniform. The rainbow colors that had come to define her wardrobe were replaced with native New Yorker all-black ensembles, including Audrey Hepburn inspired turtlenecks worn with skinny jeans and stiletto heeled boots. Multi-record breaker Swift’s singular talent has never been in question, as is illustrated by the fact that she is listed in 2016’s Guinness Book of World Records, for banking the most million-selling weeks on US album charts EVER. However, Swift has proven on a personal and philanthropic level that style and talent, don’t mean much without substance. For three years in a row, Swift has landed the top spot on the advocacy group’s Celebs Gone Good list. It’s pretty darned near impossible not to be totally blown away by all that Swift has accomplished at such a young age. The fact that she is modest to boot seals the deal.

“I think I know how to put together a good outfit,” Swift has said. “But any day you’re going to admit to being a style icon is a day you need to look in the mirror and really check yourself.”

Hillary Shawaf

Image via here

Comments (3)

  • Lori Corbman on May 24, 2016

    She’s my it girl!

  • Melanie Howard on May 21, 2016

    I thought she was going to be another over promoted teen who ended in disaster, both stylistically and personally. But Taylor Swift has defied my expectations. Her style evolution, as Hillary Shawaf points out, shows that she’s expanded her horizons while growing in grace and maturity.

  • Leslie Joyce Silberman on May 21, 2016

    Beautifully written, trendy style. Totally captures Swift’s essence in fashion and her cultural intelligence.

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