Luxury is the Ease of a T-Shirt

We have all done it. Relentlessly hunted and hungered for that one garment that we’re certain we need, but can’t quite identify. We are convinced that our every “What am I going to wear,” woe would magically be vanquished, if we could finally put a finger on that which eludes us.
You will be happy and perhaps surprised to learn that the very thing you have been seeking has been in your drawer all along. Say it with us – T-shirt. The oft overlooked, humble, white T-shirt is the simple solution to a problem we have long made overly-complicated.
There is no piece of clothing more perfect and versatile than a white tee. Its blank page quality acts as a screen on which we can project anything our hearts desire. It can be worn anywhere, with anything. You can splurge by purchasing designer tees or you can follow the cue of Market Editor, Chelsea Zalopany, and stock up on 5-packs of Hanes men’s V-neck tees in bulk.
The obvious option of course, would be a T-shirt with jeans, but by adorning yourself with stand-out pieces of statement jewelry, made with precious gems such as diamonds, sapphires, or emeralds, you can send a low-key look straight into the luxury stratosphere.
Let your mind wander as far as your imagination will allow. Wear T-shirts with sequined or leather pants, Chanel suits, and skinny-leg tuxedos. Pair your tees with every kind of skirt in your closet — pencils, minis, peasants, leathers and lace.
Finally, if formal attire is required, don’t hesitate to give your T-shirt the Cinderella treatment, by taking it out for the evening with a taffeta ball gown.
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo Di Vinci

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