Your Very Own Blue Period

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Picasso famously had one, but yours doesn’t need to be nearly as depressing. There are so many shades of blue, and several aren’t even close to being standins for somber. Whether you you choose denim, stripes, navy, teal or turquoise—there are plenty io ways to have “the blues” wardrobe wise without succumbing to a full-on fit of melancholia. 

Circle & Square suggests these styling tips:

VEDRINA-STORM CLOUD SUNGLASSES: This sleek and modern style presents an alluring play of sinuous curves and supple colors. Vedrina features scratch-resistant CR39 lenses.

VERTICAL TOTE: This large, resistant bag can hold a 15” laptop as well as more personal items in its inner pockets. It’s made in cowhide leather and has a short handle along with a long leather strap so it can be carried as a shoulder bag or a crossbody.

DIAMOND ANCIENT BLUE SHARK TOOTH ANGELITE NECKLACE: A natural blue and white ancient shark tooth surrounded in sparkling diamonds and a double-sided diamond clasp are the focal points of this amazing necklace.

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