Yasmin Sewall

If the name Yasmin Sewall isn’t one you easily recognize, one look at a photograph of her and you will instantly recall that you have seen her face countless times in newspapers, magazines, and on websites. Beautiful, brunette-bobbed Sewall is always dressed impeccably from head-to-toe in outfits you are sure to covet, put together in combinations that are note perfect and singularly all her own. Constantly credited with being hugely influential in the rise of British fashion, Sewall isn’t a model, though no one would argue that she shouldn’t be. Currently one of the founders as well as a designer at French fashion label Etre Cecile, Sewall began her career in fashion as a buyer at just 22. She is said to be single-handedly responsible for the success of labels like Christopher Kane, Miguel Adrover, and Rick Owens. Sewall always looks devastatingly feminine, though she favors androgynous looks and eschews any heels that she deems to be too high. “I’m always comfortable in man-style clothes: mannish blazers, boyfriend jeans, or wide-leg trousers. I don’t do glam-y heels,’ she has said. Rather than following the throngs who allow trends to totally dictate their personal style, London-based Sewall proudly marches to the tune of her own fashion drummer. An admitted lover of designer sweatshirts, the brands that Sewall wears most often are Acne, Cèline, Derek Lam, Stella McCartney and Roksanda Ilincic. Proenza Schouler is Sewall’s go-to label for outerwear and says that McCartney never fails to nail it when it comes to trousers.Originally born in Australia, Sewall now lives in London for reasons that go hand-in-hand with her personal style philosophy. “What I love most is you can do anything and be anything,” she says about the UK city she now calls home. “Originality is celebrated here. In some places that I’ve been and lived in, everyone conforms. I don’t like it when everyone has the same look—it somehow evokes this uncomfortable sense of claustrophobia in me.” Sewall supports designers who have a clear vision, and who like her, find their creativity in feelings as opposed to cerebral thought processes. A master of playing with proportion, Sewall pairs fitted tops with flowy pants and A-line skirts and slim pants with billowy blazers. She is all about denim, and can often be seen wearing denim-on-denim ensembles that never, ever miss the mark. Though she often begins with black as the base for her looks, Sewall is unafraid of color and uses them to make her outfits pop with spectacular results. She also fully embraces prints, and can be seen wearing pieces that look like they could have been taken straight off the walls of a fine art museum.

“Fashion is whatever you’re feeling right now.” Yasmin Sewall

Hillary Shawaf

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