Worth Worshipping... What we really mean is covet; which is to wish for with eagerness and to desire possession of, with envy.

Let’s start with the word tote and work alphabetically backwards first to sensational, and finally to fabulous. To tote is, “to carry something heavy or substantial.” We prefer to call what we carry absolute necessities, and regardless of the weight, size or specifics of our “stuff,” we want to transport it in a bag that is sleek and stylish. LaCambra’s Vertical Tote is specifically designed to be both practical and beautiful, whether you choose to carry it by hand, over your shoulder or as a cross body bag.
Handcrafted sustainably in Spain of super soft leather, company designer Rubén Gómez starts with a great, classic handbag in mind and infuses it with his unique minimalist and modern style that makes this tote instantly timeless. The pop of vivid Aqua makes it a perfect bag to pair with everything from pure white to every other color under the rainbow.


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