What is her secret?

We all have that one friend who always turns up looking *the part* no matter the occasion or circumstance. 

Going to the gym? Sporty-chic 

Sitting on the couch? Comfy-chic

Washing the windows? Well, you get the picture. 

The woman is as chic as they come regardless of task or pleasure. 

I have one such friend. No matter the weather, she brings it. It’s admirable. It’s enlightening. And since we’re amongst friends here, let’s just admit: It’s irksome! Okay, okay. But more than that: It’s INSPIRING. Isn’t it? And yet still, it is something we can’t quite put our fingers on. Until we delve a a little deeper…

 You see, it’s not about looking or being perfect; No woman can be and no woman should ever attempt to try—Perfection is a mirage. An unattainable phantom. It doesn’t exist outside of our own imaginations.  

Your friend’s secret is that she finds what INSPIRES her. She dresses and accessorizes for herself. For her own personality and tastes and it works. Every time, it works. If you stop and consider what inspires you, it will work for you, too!

 xoxo Suzanne Simonetti


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