We’re Having a Heatwave

We’re going to buck the oldest summer cliché ever by saying, it IS the heat, it’s NOT the humidity. Temperatures are soaring well into the 100’s in many areas of the country and unless you live in a nudist colony, clothing is not optional. What to wear then, when if you had your druthers, you’d be lounging inside with the AC controls set to Arctic blast?Mira Off-Shoulder Striped Cotton Dress

Choosing the right fabric is absolutely essential if you want any hope at all of staying cool in the heat. Just shout NO to anything made from synthetics, silk and wool. These materials will trap heat against your body by preventing warm air from flowing out, leaving you sticky and icky. Most definitely reach for tops, dresses, skirts, shorts and slacks made from cotton, linen and rayon, as these will absorb moisture and allow air to circulate. Wearing body conscious clothes is tempting because you’ve worked hard to get your body summer ready, however, resist! Clothes that don’t cling to your body are much more temperature smart. Going full-on baggy isn’t necessary, but looser clothing like breezy dresses, full skirts, and wide linen pants will save you from excess sogginess. It’s a fact that dark colors absorb more heat, so back away from the black. White, beige and light pastel colors are the best shades to wear to keep your skin from getting overly warm.Tunic top

Tunic tops, have cooling side vents and look oh so very French Riviera over loose, long trousers. A cotton maxi or midi skirt in one of this summer’s most popular prints; gingham, flowers or stripes, will have you looking fresh as a daisy regardless of which design you choose. Bringing out your inner Brigitte Bardot in an off-the-shoulder blouse will keep you feeling cool both literally and figuratively. Don’t forget your feet. Sandals, strappy shoes, mules, cut-out shoes; anything that allows your tootsies to breathe is the only way to go.'Fussbett' embellished sandals

It’s true that in winter you lose heat from your head. Summer sun beating down on your noggin is no good either, so find a hat in a breathable fabric. There’s a reason Panama hats have never dropped off the fashion radar, they’re not only practical; they’re also the perfect addition to any summer look.

“God, it was hot! Forget about frying an egg on the sidewalk; this kind of heat would fry an egg inside the chicken.” Rachel Caine

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