WCW: Emily Ratajkowski

The options are many this WCW, but we have a serious girl crush on American-Britt model/actress, Emily Ratajkowski. You should remember Emily from Robin Thicke's addictive, I-can't-help-but-dance, hit -- Blurred Lines. She was also Ben Affleck's mistress (bad Emily!) in Gone Girl. Not a bad gig! But if you missed her there, you and millions of other eyes, might have seen her in Buick's Superbowl 50 ad last year, where she made an appearance alongside Odell Beckham. 

We love Emily Ratajkowski for so many reasons. And not just because she is a loyal customer of one of our designers, Inge Christopher. Emily has been a spokesperson for women's health issues, and is all about women being free to express themselves. We can definitely get behind that! 

Emily RatajkowskiPHOTO CREDITAlien_Artifact  


Emily Ratajkowski

PHOTO CREDIT: Alien_Artifact 


Emily Ratajkowski


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