See What Happens When you Play With Your Food

“Don’t play with your food,” is what most of us heard time and again as children as we pushed something we didn’t want to eat from one side of our plates to the other in the vain hope it would disappear. But what if, when we were given something we didn’t like we were allowed to turn it into art?  Japanese Artist Gaku has explored this question by using traditional Thailand food carving techniques to create delicate, lacy and modern geometric works of art out of carrots, apples, even broccoli. The beauty of his artwork has garnered him over 63K followers on Instagram and we can see why. His carvings are breathtaking and appetite inducing. Chances are if our parents had let us turn our food into art, they might have been more successful in getting us to eat. 

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If it's been your dream to travel to Thailand and to take classes in the ancient art of food carving but don't have the time, here are some other ways to find inspiration by adorning yourself with beautifully, hand crafted jewelry. We've included our laser cut earrings, stylish raffia clutch and distinctive rose gold and diamond ring which reflect the intricacy of Gaku's work


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1.- Laser Cut Earrings       2.- Raffia Clutch     3.- Rose Gold Diamond Ring


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