Finding the "Just Right" Handbag for Mom

She thought she had everything, until…she tried to fit it into her handbag!

The wonderful designer handbags out this Spring have us thinking about fairytales. Why you ask? Because it’s almost Mother’s Day and most moms could use a bag a bit like Mary Poppins (though much more fashionable) Her wonderful bag could hold an entire home. We are guessing your mom doesn’t need anything quite so extreme. Just a bag that could hold the shopping, her work, yoga pants, and hey, maybe even a kid now and again (for only a few minutes of course!)

Speaking of fairytales, this season’s bags are having an Alice and Wonderland moment with tiny bags that look like they could hold a stick of gum or maybe your lipstick…if you’re lucky. Clearly this bag drank the bottle marked “Drink Me.” On the other end of the spectrum are bags so huge it’s really difficult not to confuse them with your suitcase which begs the question “Is there any point?” Sure this bag can promise to hold it all, but can you lift it off the ground afterwards? It seems the search for the perfect bag is never ending, but not to fear Goldilocks, we have handbags for your mom that are “just right.”

This month we are highlighting quality leather bags that are durable enough for your mom to take anywhere, and timeless enough for her to hold memories of you forever. 

"Curiouser and Curiouser," said Alice.
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Pictured Above: Pearl Rich Black and Cheetah Handbag
Wishing you a beautiful Mother's Day
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