Throwing Shade All Summer

Ruffle Necklace, Camera Bag
Finally, on the West Coast, we are seeing signs of the California sunshine summer that we're accustomed to. After May grey, we weren't sure if we could deal with June gloom. Although the past few mornings make us very skeptical. Rain or shine, we have made a resolution to have a sunshine state of mind. We've been waking up each morning in a spirit of gratitude and really focusing our thoughts in a positive way, and we can't tell you how powerful it is. People react to you differently. Things align differently.
Wherever you are, we hope that you're able to soak up those sun rays, both literally or figuratively. We also want to introduce you to our favorite Zag shades, which will be your best companion this fiery summer. We paired them up with our Pastina Camera Bag and Ruffle Necklace to keep the golden-bright theme going. We hope you enjoy! Shine on!
xoxo, Micha Ciselle


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