Not Her Mother's Pearls

Pearls, the ultimate symbol of purity, femininity and quiet refinement are going rogue. These are not your grandmothers pearls, which is what makes them such a perfect gift for Mother's Day. For those of you who hear “pearls” and are filled with visions of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy think again. Yes, the classic pearl necklace will always be a cherished staple for women to turn to when they want to create a polished look.  Heck, even blood carrying, tattooed wild girl Angelina Jolie knows the power of a classic strand of pearls. Don them and all wild girl antics are forgiven (well, partially forgotten anyway). But today’s pearls, like today’s women, are no longer demure or content to sit on a strand. They are fierce, architectural and made to wear on your fingers wrists and ears as much as your neck. 

So join in, jump aboard and explore these new one of a kind pearl cuffs, rings, and earrings.  Compliment classic work attire with architectural bracelets or let your inner mermaid swim with artisanal pearl necklaces starting with our very own Amanda Pearl. Her Quill Bypass Bracelet is a single curved piece of gold that wraps beautifully around the wrist and ends in a lovely white freshwater pearl. Those who love stacking rings will love her artisanal Quad Quill Pearl Ring that features multiple bands that wrap around the finger, ending in the center with a vertical row of pearls and our personal favorite, the Wrap Ring with Floating Pearl, a cool indie ring that wraps around one finger and under another to leave a single pearl floating effortlessly on air. Last but not least for a real eye-stopper, there's the Quad Quill Bracelet. We’ve seen a lot of interesting new pearl jewelry out there, but these top the list.

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