All the World is a Narrow Bridge...

Marla StudioMarla Studio

We're so happy to curate these amazing independent designers that have this passion for their craft and often, a story or message behind their creations. We truly love the entire experience. We came across Marla Studio's Narrow Bridge Ring this week that features this amazing quote about the importance of being fearless, despite the perils of this world. You know we've been thinking deeply about chasing dreams and being bold. Recently, we even wrote about taking life by the horns, remember? And featured a few amazing horn-inspired pieces. So this message couldn't be any more timely. 

Hope you enjoy our little collection.


xoxo, SS



Hammered Disc Necklace  |  Moon Necklace  |  Thorn Pendant Necklace   |  Silver Bar Necklace  |  Narrow Bridge Ring

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