The PURGE before the SPLURGE

Spring Cleaning

A new season is upon us. And for those of us who reside in the Northern Hemisphere, that season is spring and she brings an abundance of flowers and colors and NEW and exciting FASHION. Wouldn’t it be wise to remove some of those garments we haven’t touched in over three years before we go on a rampage for more hangers?


Every one of us have those tops that have been in our closets for several seasons that we just never seem to get around to wearing. But, we keep them on the notion of “someday”. Someday, I may really really need it and it won’t be there. And so it stays. I have become much better at this over the years. It feels good to clear out before adding more items to my already packed closet. 


By all means, TREAT yourself this spring! Find what calls to you and go for it! We only encourage you to break up with the clothing that has been beautifully collecting dust on your rack never to be touched and FREE them—and you—from this stale relationship first!


xoxo Suzanne Simonetti


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