The Octo Clutch

…Because 4-sided clutches are just so ordinary. Because I’ve always been a sucker for Geometry. Ok, maybe that last one is a stretch. But we’ve already expressed our obsession with all these geometric shapes showing up in jewelry, and the same goes for bags. The Octo Clutch Collection features the most divine 8-sided beauties with the lushest details. Like embossed, alligator skin exteriors with gold-plated hardware. Or ball and gem closures featuring Swarovski crystals. These works of art have walked down red carpets and have been clutched by some of our favorite A-listers, such as Meryl Streep. They’ve sparked conversations at private gatherings among friends, and have undoubtedly caused some serious clutch envy. The common thread? This collection is appreciated by fashion lovers who don’t only care about big, mass brands … but unique, rare expressions of art as well. The new luxury. What it boils down to for us is the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail shown in these clutches, and the vivid aesthetic perspective of the designer. The New York-based designer – Amanda Pearl – is known for her thoughtfully crafted handmade-in-Italy evening bags that are as edgy as they are elegant, and put a modern spin on luxury. We are all about artisanal chic and bold statements. Never ordinary … always inspired. Let us introduce you to the Octo Clutch. Geometry never looked so sexy! Shop our collection here.  

 ABOVE: Blue Crocodile Skin Clutch


ABOVE & BELOW: Beige Alligator Skin Clutch




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