The Joy of Shopping?

The Joy of Shopping?

The e-commerce behemoth Amazon has opened a store in New York City. The Amazon 4-Star Store only carries items that have garnered at least 4 stars from customer reviews on Amazon’s website. This is to ensure every item has been thoroughly vetted and approved. While this sounds like the ultimate one-stop shop, there is something else to consider. Does everybody want what everybody else has?
When shopping for kitchen items, electronics, baby gear, gifts, and more the Amazon store is probably perfect, better then Sam’s Club or Walmart, since the items have already been well reviewed and there is no buying the proverbial pig in a poke.

However, there seems to be something a bit robotic about following the trends of the mass market, like so many students wearing the same school uniform. Where is the outlet for personal taste if everyone shops at the same place? Does shopping in this kind of store limit the possibilities of individuality and idiosyncratic style? While it’s helpful to know what 8,367 people like, does anyone really want to be number 8,369.

The excitement and joy of finding the unexpected, the hidden place that no one else knows, or finding an unusual website, with items personal to only you.

To discover something first, to look for the unique, the few, the special, that’s what it’s like to have an individual style, with your own air of confidence and grace. Yes, something like the new Amazon store can be very convenient, but do you always want to be part of the herd.......


Images courtesy: Recode and Daily Mail



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