The Domino Effect

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 The activity that is produced when a single event sets off a chain reaction. Perfect example: You, after stepping out into a busy city street in a striking, flawlessly executed black & white ensemble. 

Fashion’s most basic colors often denote an air of formality—we immediately flash on the crisp white business shirt, the little black dress, the tuxedo. Black and white are serious business, the shades of weddings, funerals and service uniforms. 

But we know they can also be playful, as in the case of psychedelic Op Art. Mixing fabrics (say, soft and rugged) and silhouettes (cropped and poufy) or adding a splash of surprise in the accessories arena are other ways to play dominoes with these not-so-grim colors and win.

 Did Marc Jacobs have his iPod on shuffle while brainstorming names for this long-lasting (10-hour) collection of 20 colorful lipsticks? Who knows, but Jolly Molly, Rei of Light, Georgie Girl, and Oh Miley have designs on making your lips go pop.
Structured Guinevere tote is a city-girl essential that exudes modern sophistication. From executive meetings to dinners downtown, this zippered carryall is lined and large enough to manage your daily demands (18.5h x 12w x 4d), yet cool enough to be seen in your presence. We think orange will rock your B&W world.
This antique hand-carved Chinese orb features natural turquoise discs and is surrounded by—wait for it—sparkling diamonds. Ancient Chinese secret? This one-of-a-kind bracelet is stunning against all skin types and serves as a nice contrast to a B&W ensemble.

 Marc Jacobs’ limited-edition palette of 20 plush eyeshadows offers a spectrum of colors ranging from black to white and it hits just about every shade in between. Infinite possibilities!

Wanna keep the B&W theme going? Good, check out This leather Mini Wallet. It’s 4″ x 8″ when folded and contains one cash pocket and four credit card slots.

Photography: Jessica Monroy / Model: Stefanie Williams

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