Introducing "FreeStyle"

In July, we changed our name to Style Sonata, with a renewed energy and determination to engage and excite our army of fashion lovers from all angles -- customers, designers, influencers, wanderers. With this passion, we have now embarked on a new platform that allows us to share candid, sometimes-quirky perspectives from Style Sonata's network of creative heroes -- from authors and entrepreneurs to stylists and artists ... individuals whom we know will have an interesting take on universal themes.

All of this in an effort to live up to our promise to create an online destination for style, wit and humor. We are calling this new platform (drum roll please) ... FreeStyle.

FreeStyle is our virtual soap box of sorts, featuring the ‘short-but-deep’ musings of singular, interesting personalities.

Each week, our special guests will give a completely candid, honest, "free-style" spiel on topics ranging from anything to e-ve-ry-thing. Just like free styling, this space is f-reee flowing, un-rehearsed and un-contrived; Independent style meets independent thinking. We are extremely excited about this new and novel way of connecting with all of you. 

FreeStyle will be launched on September 4th. We invite you to let your hair down, pour a glass of wine and meet us here on Monday for a fresh take on life. We hope you'll jump on this new beat with us!





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  • Hue Tran

    Look forward to Freestyling with you!

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