Tabula Rasa

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Do you ever feel like reinventing yourself? Been there, done that, and frankly, it ain’t really all that hard to do if you travel light and live in a major city where it’s easy to merge. Throw on a pair of dark shades, pick up a cup of ambition and grab the closest cable car. All you really need to pack is your “passport”—you know, that lifeline/computer/credit card/networking tool/route planner/ID more commonly known as your mobile phone? You are now Kim Novak in Vertigo: Persona non grata.

Then again, if you’re going to take the blank slate route, why not reimagine your style slightly? 

Mystics consider Labradorite to be a mineral of transformation and magic—all the better for your quick-change act! Matthew Swope hand drills each large, colorful feldspar stone and strings it on a black 3mm Japanese cord so you can decorate your neck.

The Silver Toggle Cord Bracelet is a great match for someone with identity issues: The minimalist piece is ageless, unisex, universally cool and adjustable to any size wrist. It also doubles as a necklace. 

This soft, slouchy shopping bag in cowhide leather has long handles and zippered compartments that make it perfect for everyday use or skipping town. You pulled it off. You are on your way to establishing the Brand New You. 

Why not indulge by buying yourself the Bridget ring? This beauty is hand-carved from wax, cast in sterling silver and decorated with a dollop of silver caviar bubbles.
Model: Daisy Munkh-Orgil

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