Are You a Boring Gift Giver? Let's Change That With These 5 Easy Tips.

Science actually shows that giving gifts makes us happier than spending on ourselves. Science or no science, I can attest to this. But I believe that if you're going to give something, you should give something. Do it with a little style and panache. Because, while ordinary people give gifts, goddesses give experiences. So this year, we are ringing the bell on boring gifts. No more. If you want to give Santa Claus a run for his money this season, here are 5 little tips to make your gifting experience jingle. 

1. Go Tapas Style
Sure the standard is to give one nice gift perfectly packaged with a bow. But if you give your special someone a themed care package of sorts with little tid bits that you know they'll love, or that relate to one of their hobbies, you will be on a whole new level. Trust me. I have tried this and gotten a-mazing results. Extra time -- yes. But it is worth it.


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2. Build some excitement
Everyone loves a little thrill and suspense. If you're giving a gift this season, make them work a little, search a little, guess a little for it. Whether it's a full-blown hunt with clues, or a little note hidden in a book that leads to the main event, bring a little excitement to your gift giving and you will be emblazoned in gift-giving history.

3. Tie it to an activity
I honestly believe some of the most precious gifts are gifts of time. If your gift involves you doing something with your loved one, like tickets to see their favorite concert in town, or a surprise trip to their dream vacation spot, this means you'll get to make memories that will last a lifetime plus you'll get to join in on some of the fun too. This is a win-win.

4. Give a gift that keeps on giving
If you get your loved one a subscription box, you will automatically be cemented in their memory for a long time. These gifts are literally gifts that keep on giving. And these days, there's a subscription box for almost any interest: from books, food and clothing ... to Japanese snacks! Get creative. Your special someone will love this.

5. Teach them something
What better way to give a gift to someone you love than to invest in their learning and development? This shows a level of thoughtfulness and care that you can't get easily with other material things. Give them a creative package with everything they need to learn painting, or playing the piano ... or for planting a herb garden. This new skill will stay with them ... and so will thoughts of you!

Let us know what you think about these little gifting hacks, and feel free to share some of your own. Wishing you all the warmth that this season brings.






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