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5 Tips on Wearing Metallic Accessories

5 Tips on Wearing Metallic Accessories

It's summer and sunny, and everything seems to be sparkling ...the season of perfect lighting and #nofiter selfies. Riri did tell us to "shine bright like a diamond," and so, naturally, we continue to comply. We've put together a collection of gold and metallic accessories that will make sure you light up every room you walk into. Gone are the days when metallics were reserved for the holiday season, and we are loving all the metallic statements. From sneakers and slip ons, to jackets and pants. But if these are a bit much for you, metallic accessories are the perfect way to add doses of shine in moderation. Take a look at our round up of our favorite metallic accessories. Then read through our tips on how to rock them. Shine responsibly!


Metallic Accessories

GET THE LOOK: 1. Valeria Metallic Gold Minaudière Clutch 2. 18k Gold and Diamonds Midnight Sky Ring 3. 18k Gold Quater Hinge Bracelet 4. Sofia Metallic Gold Envelope Clutch 5. Valeria Metallic Gold Envelope Clutch  6. 18K Gold Needle Chain Necklace 7. Champagne Diamonds and Rose Gold Earrings 8. Cameron Metal Minaudière Shoulder Bag 9. Rose Gold Rainbow Moonstone Ring 


5 Tips on Wearing Metallic Accessories

1. Choose metallic accessories that matches your skin tone. Darker metallics work great for warmer skin tones. Silver and pewter work better on cooler skin tones. Rose Gold works well for both.

2. Lighter metallics are great if you want a softer, feminine look. They're also great for the warmer Summer months.

3. One of our favorite ways to incorporate metallics is with metallic shoes. From stilettos to slip ons and sneakers, the options are many.

4. One thing to caution with metallic clothing and accessories, is that too much can be ... too much. Moderate how you mix and match. If you wear a sparkly bag, perhaps opt for neutral tones and a more minimal outfit.

5. Know your colors. Cream / grey pairs well with rose gold / copper.  Black / white works well with  silver /  gun metals.





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