Strolling through Santee Alley -- 5 things I learnt about fashion ... and life

Downtown LA



Downtown LA has such a tangible charm to it. I always say I need to get down there more. Well this week, I took a stroll down the infamous Santee Alley in downtown LA's 100-block Fashion District in search of some inspiration and a change of scenery. And it was just what the doctor prescribed.


Santee Alley, LA Fashion District
PHOTO CRED: LA Fashion District


The hustle. The bustle. Excitement. Culture. Intoxicating aromas, and sounds of sizzling street fare from food trucks. Passers by going up and down in search of that "it" piece. And of course, the FASHION! You may not be able to try something on in a fitting room (true story) ... but you can snag the most amazing outfit for under $50. Life is about balance. Lol.


LA Fashion District

PHOTO CRED: LA Fashion District 


For all those fashion connoisseurs out there, you will agree that truly creative statements are born out of mixing and matching ... diversity. True style is about expression, creativity and individuality. Not just about big brands and trends. What I loved most about this experience, was that so much of what I saw was so one-of-kind. Just fresh to death. It got me so inspired.


Fabric, LA Fashion District

PHOTO CRED: Pinterest


So I wanted to share 5 things I learnt from my little stroll down Santee:


1. Don't get stuck in the matrix

I love a good designer piece -- trust me. But there is a whole world outside big brands and top labels. Don't be afraid to explore. Sometimes magic happens below the radar.

2. Know your body type

Knowing how to shop for your body type makes all the difference. I find this particularly true when shopping in this type of setting. 

3. It's all about high and low

Fashion 101. Rock that $30 dress like it was Gucci. Accessorize with some nicer accessories and no one will ever know!

4. A great handbag will change your life

You could be wearing a white T-shirt and jeans from Target. Pair it with a great handbag and you've gone up several notches instantly. 

5. Have Fun ... Experiment

Something I've been reminded of repeatedly this year -- not just with Fashion -- is to try new things. You have nothing to loose. A new shade of lipstick. An accessory that you wouldn't normally wear. Nothing tried...nothing gained, right?


As you know, Style Sonata is all about fiercely creative independent style. Here's a little selection of a few high and low favorites to help you mix and match your next LA-worthy statement. Enjoy!




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