Street Art Meets High Fashion

Street Art Meets High Fashion

Christian LouboutinBalenciaga ShopperGucci Mule Loafer

If you're in the LA area and haven't been to the arts district, then you are missing out BIG time. The arts district is an amalgamation of every cliche you would want city-slickin' LA to be. It's where grunge meets swag...meets high fashion's funky cousin. Artistry literally seeps through the walls...creativity creeps down the alley ways. Even the dumpsters have style. From Gucci and Burberry to Balenciaga and Louboutin -- they have all been inspired by the street artists and "vagabonds," who give zero ***** about being appropriate. Anywhere, any time, in the still of the night, they are spraying their mojo all over -- one wall at a time. Fresh to death, larger than life and unapologetic. This is my wish for your final fews of 2017. Go out with a splash!


Street Art Images: Micha Ciselle



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